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Thursday, 26 June 2014

POETRY - if today i die my love

if today I die my love
don't plant tears on my grave
be strong and be brave
and set me free as a dove

the things I love, keep them free
as roses on summer breathe
and posies on winter wreathe
like the deepest part of me.

don't write poems or songs for me,
memories always unfold
let them be stories of old
a simple life for you to see

if today I die my love
don't grieve for me aloud
but your heart let it be loud
where in time should have been mine.

yesterday i got some dreaming. it was you and her who is get married. yes. i saw you guys with my eyes. and then today i stalk you and that woman. i didnt know why must i do that. so then when i try to send some quotes to you but use the other number that you never knew. wrong step that i have done. i use my old number.

 ALLAH. is this hikmah? please. i want to know. please show me the right way. please. he is happy with somebody else. why must it happen now? it kill inside. nobody knew. just only YOU my GOD.

tiny ochinchins
i wish.

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